July 15, 2008


Neil and I and all the Essig's just got back from Canada a couple of weeks ago. It was such a blast and we can't wait to go again! The wildlife was amazing, and it was so great spending time with all the family. We had a photo contest that Becky won (by a slim margin, I might add- she's the only one who got a picture of a toad, I think), and also the first Essig Olympics. I was a judge, and the blue team ("Blue Beyond Despair") won the gold! Neil and I spent most of our time fishing and relaxing. Oh, and beaver hunting. Neil caught a total of 20 fish and I caught 18. Don't worry, we threw all but one back! My mom had a great time too and she says that she misses Hollie. We cannot wait to go back- Canada is really like our second home. We love it!

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