July 16, 2008

Park City Soccer Tournament

Last weekend Neil and I went to Park City to play in an adult soccer tournament. We competed in the men's and women's leagues and had such a blast! Neil's team played some super hard teams and still beat a team 8-1. He scored a goal in that game and I think he even had some assists. My team got put into the hardest bracket I've ever seen, and we lost all of our games. :( The upside is that we had so much fun, it didn't really matter that we were losing! Neil and I have a saying that a day playing soccer (even if you're losing), is a better time than a day at work. It was such a blast and we came home exhausted and tired of the sun. We stayed at a sweet hotel/condo in The Canyons that I found online for $90 a night. We talked to the guy at the front desk and he said that there was no way that was how cheap the room was, but it really was! I now really like hotwire.com. Check it out! Here are some pics of the tournament- apparently all I do is stand with my hands on my hips because those are the only pictures Neil was able to get of me. I only took one picture of him, and that happened to be of him on the bench. I promise he actually played! Also, we took this picture of our referee talking on his cell phone during one of my games. I thought that was funny. Anyway, it was all in all, a great time in Park City playing the best game in the world!

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Crystal and Dustun said...

hey i could play soccer with you, step one stand there and look cute, step two sit on bench and watch game, and step three talk on the phone! happy you two had fun and what a great deal on the room!