August 7, 2008

The Joys of Painting

So, during this last week, MaryAnn and I and my mom have all been painting the house that Neil and I are moving into next week. We finally finished everything yesterday! We painted the living room and the kitchen and the hallway, and also the inside of all the kitchen cabinets. And, to clarify, my mom didn't paint (except for the inside of the cabinets), because, as she puts it, "I don't paint." And this is usually said with a pained look on her face as she imagines actually painting. Anyway, the walls were just white, but here are the final results! I'm excited to move in now- a new coat of paint can really do wonders. MaryAnn did SO much work and I wanted to say thanks to her for all her hard work!


Crystal and Dustun said...

"I don't paint" that is so funny. I love the floors, the molding and the color, keep the pictures comming!

Becky said...

The paint looks awesome. Sorry I couldn't make it up to help you two move in. I hope it all went well.

kathy said...

Okay, now thank your mother too!! Cleaning is just as hard as painting, you just don't leave anything behind (if you do it right)!!