August 5, 2008

Oh My Twilight

So, anyone who knows me at all, knows that I am an extreme bookworm. If there was a book-reading sport on ESPN, I think I might be an actual champion. I love to read, and like most other female readers on the planet, I LOVE the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. On August 2, her final book of the series came out and I decided to go get the book at midnight with my amazing cousins and sisters-in-law. (Joann, Carly, Leslie, Lindsey, and Alli.) Needless to say, there were lots of weird people wandering about, but that only made it more interesting. They had a debate over Edward vs. Jacob, (can I pick both?) and they also had a creative t-shirt contest. The girls below won for their precise rendition of the book covers. Joann and Carly and I also tried to make predictions for what would happen in the book, but we were SO off. Good job, Ms. Meyer! We waited around Borders long enough to decided that it was way too unorganized for us to get our books in a timely manner, so we sent some runners to Wal-Mart to try their luck there. They called us back at 12:01 and said that the books were bought and paid for. The rest of us took off from Borders and met the others at Wal-Mart. It was fun to see the stuff going on at Borders, but it was even better to have my book without waiting in line. Anyway, I pirated these pictures from Leslie's blog, but this is proof that I really am nuts enough to go get a book at midnight and read all night long. I think I would have finished it in the morning sometime, but I had to referee a soccer game at 8:00 am. Brutal. Anyway, my opinion on the new book- AMAZING and now I just want to re-read the series again. Yay for Twilight! Is the movie here yet?

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Crystal and Dustun said...

so your the weirdos i was talking to dustun about! I love it, i have to admit i would have also been one if i had a buddy to hang out with. I am so late on reading these books i am reading eclipse then I'll buy breaking dawn.
P.S your jacket is SO cute!