August 13, 2008

Our Bed-tastrophe

So, Neil and I just moved to a rental house down by Logan High. The whole moving process was really uneventful, except for... our bed did NOT transport well! We bought a brand new pillowtop bed from Simmons about a year ago. When we moved the bed on Monday, we tipped it over to put it all back together and it was LUMPY! And not just sorta lumpy, but ridiculously lumpy. So, we call the place where we bought the mattress and they tell us to tip it back over on its side and shake it to get the foam pad in the pillowtop to lay flat again. We do that two or three times and it is WAY worse. Neil's mom said it looked like we had several bodies hidden in the mattress. We even wondered if Neil's little brother had crawled inside. Anyway, long story short- the salesman from the furniture store came to our house and had to unstitch each side of our mattress and straighten the memory foam out from the inside and then stitch it back up. What a mess! And, don't worry- we didn't find any bodies OR Tom hiding in there! So, word of caution- if you are moving a pillowtop bed, make sure you wrap it up somehow so the pillowtop doesn't shift around. The Simmons factory said that at no point during manufacturing is the pillowtop foam pad ever attached. Pictures below- they really say the whole story.
How many bodies do YOU think we stuffed in there?
Image from the inside of the mattress- I guess the memory foam just kept folding in on itself.
Ragnar, our salesman (and friend)- what a great guy for fixing this for us! At no charge!
Finished, fixed bed- now I can sleep in my new place tonight! Yay!


Crystal and Dustun said...

That is so funny, I would be so mad if that happened to me. good thing it got fixed. ho ware you suppose to move it then? crazy.

kathy said...

Now you know how a polygamist feels, too many in the bed!!

Susan said...

Kami! Hey, it's Susan (Krogh) Johnson! I stumbled accross your blog and just wanted to say hi! Hope you guys are doing well!