September 25, 2008

DVR Playlist

So, my friend Sly had a list on her blog of what's on her DVR. I decided I wanted to play too! Here is what is currently on our DVR:

-Friends (all the reruns)
-Ugly Betty (ABC)
-Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
-America's Best Dance Crew (MTV)
-Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island (MTV)
-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Travel Channel)
-What Not To Wear (TLC)
-Pushing Daisies (ABC)
-Chuck (NBC)
-The Hills (MTV)
-The Office (NBC & TBS reruns)
-Pysch (USA Network)
-Monk (USA Network)
-Best Week Ever (VH1)
-Soccer (MLS, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, all US National games that are televised)

Writing all this down makes me realize how much TV I end up watching throughout the week. Wow- at least it's something that Neil and I do together. I'm also excited for all the premiers this week. I'm sort of having a hard time because my three favorite shows are on Thursday night and I might have to pick between them. What a tragedy!

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