September 5, 2008

ESM United- Best Team EVER!

So, we play on a family coed indoor soccer team out at the arena. It is SO fun! A new session just started this last Wednesday and we totally dominated with a score of 11-6. It is seriously a blast to play with the family- they are always having a great time, and the best part is when we score. Everyone cheers so loud and it's way too fun. Just to clarify where we came up with the team name- ESM stands for "Essig-Sorenson-Moser" and United because we are definately united! We are also getting t-shirts, and the picture below is the logo that's going to go on the front of them. Pretty sweet! Also, here is a team roster so everyone can know all the amazing players that are playing with us.

Dave Essig (He plays goalie and saves us every week!)

Carly Essig

Neil Essig (The Goal Scorer)

Kami Essig

Tom Essig

Lacey Essig

Landon Essig

Joann Moser

Mike Moser

Jamie Sorenson

Sara Sorenson

Come cheer us on- we play Wednesday nights out at the arena! Go ESM United!

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H said...

Love the logo for your shirts. I just found out your blog address from becky's blog and decided to take a peek. Love the blog.