September 9, 2008

Surprise! It's a GIRL!

My best friend-cousin surprised everyone in the family this week by dropping in from Texas for a surprise week-long visit. No one knew she was coming except for her sister Amanda, and she totally and completely surprised her mom and dad. I heard that Aunt Kathy couldn't speak a complete sentence for at least 30 minutes! Crystal also brought with her some incredible news. She is officially have a little girl! After years of trying and crying and in-vitro-ing, Crystal and Dustun are having a baby girl. Now, how flipping amazing is that? I'm excited to be a cousin-aunt (a.k.a. c-aunt) to this bundle of joy. We were able to all go to lunch (Crystal, Aunt Kathy, and my mom) yesterday at Cafe Sabor. It was so great to catch up and laugh, and Crystal seriously looks so amazing! Glowing does not adequetely describe it. I'm so happy for Crystal and she is going to be the best mom. Congrats, girl!


Crystal and Dustun said...

Abigail already thinks your going to be a great c-aunt! I had so much fun getting together with you, i never got to see your house, how about November?
A girl how lucky! Here comes pinks and sparkles, and bows and curls! (insert happy dance....NOW!)

Aaron & JaNell said...

You know... your heading to this blog is a ready deceiving. My first thought was you were the one with the great news. Not to down play your family, but I was still excited for you. What on earth are you two up to? I am so far out of the loop, are you still even in Logan?