October 28, 2008

The Beginning of The Madness

So the busy season officially started yesterday at the Sport Arena. It is crazy busy out there, with 16 (at last count) more adult teams registered for this session compared with the same session last year. 16 more teams = about 160 more people to deal with! (That's not counting the youth leagues, either.) Everyone has been really great about registering, now we just need to get people to pay up front. I actually really like the busy season out there because there is always something good to watch or important to get done or there is always someone interesting to talk to. Neil gets a little stressed because he ends up working 70+ hours a week, but in the end, he really loves his job. He is basically his own boss and he has done such a great job of organizing the place and making it better in general. However, I do have a disclaimer. There are two things that I absolutely HATE about the busy season out there. Number one, the snackbar. I could go on for hours about the dreaded snackbar, but I'll spare you the details. Trust me, it's really annoying. Anyway, on to the other thing I don't like about working at the arena in the winter. CHILDREN. I like children in general, don't get me wrong, but the arena is NOT a free baby-sitting service! I had to regulate last night because I caught a couple of little girls in the women's restroom swinging on the bathroom doors like a jungle gym. You could seriously hear it outside the restroom- Swing, Slam, Giggle. Repeat. I hate being the bad guy and telling them to stop doing stuff they know they shouldn't be doing in the first place. Oh, well... I guess it comes with the job. Good thing I get to play soccer too otherwise this might not be worth it!


Super Sly said...
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Super Sly said...

I think you should hire a sniper to pelt any "wrong-doers" with a paint ball gun.