October 10, 2008

Good Thing We Have Scalpers

So Kami and I went online and purchased our tickets for the first-ever Real Salt Lake game at Rio Tinto Stadium. The match was held October 9, against the New York Red Bulls. So we order our tickets and have them put at Will-Call so that we can simply pick them up when we get to the stadium.

Yesterday finally came, and we loaded our car and hit the road to Salt Lake. After a long hour and 45-minute drive, we finally pull up to Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy. Kami and her mom jump out of the car and head for the ticket counter. I take the car and drive around, getting ready to pick them back up so we can go get some dinner before the game.

Suddenly, my phone rings. Kami is at the counter and they don't have our tickets. They weren't placed in an envelope, which was kind of strange, but we didn't think anything of it. After waiting a few minutes, they finally print the tickets. I am back to the spot to pick them up (with some lady telling me to move along), when they come running.

As we pull away, I notice something on the tickets. "Real Salt Lake vs. FC Dallas", in large, bold print on the front. No way! How could this happen? They gave us tickets for a game a week and a half later!

After some panic, we finally decide that we must have clicked something incorrectly on the website when we ordered the tickets. Instead of driving home again, we decide to take the risk and find some spare tickets to this game.

Thank heavens for Scalpers.

We found a guy with at least 20 spare tickets and we were able to pawn off our tickets onto him in exchange for some tickets to the New York game. Of course, at a price. But hey, the most important thing is that we got to see the game! RSL ended up tying the game, but it was still worth it to be there. Our seats weren't as good as the ones we had thought we purchased, but they are still better than any at Rice-Eccles Stadium. 

It was freezing cold, so good thing we got our hot chocolate before the game started because they apparently ran out halfway through the game. All in all, it was all completely worth it! Go RSL!


Crystal and Dustun said...

oh man that sucks, but at least you were able to get in. Were they better seats then what you had planned on? Yes good thing for ticket scalpers!

Super Sly said...

The stadium looks awesome. I'm jealous!