October 19, 2008


Neil, my mom, and I all had a chance to go watch the dance performance Thriller at the Kent Concert Hall on Friday night. My mom had never seen it before and we had such a great time! For those who don't know what Thriller is, it is a dance performance by Odyssey Dance Theater (they're based out of the Salt Lake area- check them out at http://www.odysseydance.com/). Before the show, they have a good number of the dancers who are dressed up like ghouls and zombies wandering around scaring people. We got there early enough to watch them chase people, stare at them creepily, climb seats and banisters, and generally be terrifying. (I only jumped once- I didn't know she was going to hiss at me!) The show starts off with a dance performed to the Michael Jackson song "Thriller" and it goes on from there. They have so many different dances, some funny and some a little creepy, but it is all so good. It kind of makes me wish I was more coordinated and that I could actually dance to a beat. (I'm good at the running man- does that count?) For those of you who have never seen Thriller, go see it sometime- they have shows all over the Wasatch Front and it is such a fun thing to do around Halloween that doesn't really involve being scared or cold.
"Jason Jam"One of the dancers before the show. She was freaky!This is the "Thriller" dance. I got this off their website, I don't have a camera that good!


Crystal and Dustun said...

that looks so awesome! maybe one year I'll be able to go. Tell you mom she looks good!

Leslie said...

Oh I am going to this tonight! Yay I am so excited now. Cute pics! I like how Neil is cheesing it next to the scary lookin girl!