November 25, 2008

Twilight Movie

I was able to go to the Twilight movie with a whole group of cousins and sister-in-laws and aunts last Friday. It was such a good time! Carly and I planned to meet the others at the theater a couple of hours before the movie started so that we would be guaranteed good seats. We were a little concerned we would get stuck with bad seats if we didn't get into line soon enough, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that there was NO ONE else in line when we got there. Jamie, Sara, Allie, and Leslie were holding down the front of the line, but I seriously expected tumbleweeds to roll across the lobby floor, it was so empty. We all had a great laugh about that and settled down to wait. To be honest, I was pretty happy that we were at the beginning of the line because it did eventually fill up and we got the best seats in the house! Now, onto the movie... I had really low expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the beginning was a little awkward, but once they got going, it turned out really great! I'm excited for the next movie to come out because I think they will be able to develop the story a little more and hopefully their budget will be bigger so the special effects can be great! All in all, my final opinion is: The movie was great considering their budget and their crappy director (sorry Catherine Hardwicke fans). I still love the books more, but I was entertained and that's all I can ask for!

The video below is a spoof on Twilight. HILARIOUS- thanks Leslie for posting it on your blog. I laughed out loud multiple times and I couldn't resist sharing it with more people!

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Crystal and Dustun said...

ok which part do i love more? the girly scream in the shower? the hot girl walking by? of the sliding glass door? I was able to go see the movie agian, I loved the movie the seconded time.