May 10, 2009

Our First Race

Neil and I ran our first race ever yesterday! Sly convinced us to do the Smithfield Health Days Fun Run. We decided to start out with a 5k because we have never run a race ever before. (Unless you count doing the mile in middle school, but I don't think that ranks up there.) I have always been wary of doing a 5k because I thought it meant 5 miles, but I learned that is actually only 3.1 miles- that I can do! Neil and I have also been training for the Wasatch Back in June, so we thought this would be a good test for us. It was a little more competitive than we thought it would be, and a lot of people turned out for the event. I ended up placing 14th in my division, and about 30th overall, and Neil placed 8th in his division and 25th overall. His time was 23:28, and I finished in 27:06. We ran on the road leading to Smithfield Canyon and it was a pretty environment. I was just glad because there was a 10-year-old boy nipping on my heels at the very end and I didn't want to get beaten by a little kid, so I basically sprinted to the finish line. It was a fun experience, and I'm glad I finished without walking!

This is Neil and I "actually running." See how fast we are? :)