June 20, 2009

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've blogged, so I wanted to catch everyone up on the random things that have been happening in the life of The Essig's.

1. Aah, The Comfort
Neil and I have owned a pair of couches that we received when we got married. They have served us well, but it was definitely TIME to let them go. We caught a pretty good sale at the Fisher Home Furnishings Outlet (50% off- can you even beat those prices?) and purchased our first actual couch together. We LOVE it!

2. Utah Summer Games 2009
June 5-6, we were able to attend the Utah Summer Games Adult 3v3 Soccer Tournament. It was SUCH a blast! My friend Kami Macey put our team together and we were able to stay at her parent's house in Cedar City. The weekend was full of soccer, fun, and food! Our team took third place, which was pretty sweet considering none of us had ever played 3v3 before. I definitely want to go again next year!

3. Wasatch Back (Ragnar Relay)
Neil and I ran the Wasatch Back this weekend. A longer post is to follow, complete with pictures. We'd like everyone to know that we survived- our legs pretty much hate us right now, but we think they'll eventually recover!

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