June 23, 2009

Ragnar! Burninating the Countryside!


Neil and I sure had an adventure this weekend. We agreed to run the Wasatch Back way back in January. The Wasatch Back is a 12-person relay race from Logan to Park City. Basically each person has 3 legs each and there is someone in your team running at all times. The weather the first day was SO beautiful- about 80 degrees and sunny. I was the first person to run in Vehicle 2 (which also meant I was the first one done), so I was pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect and I didn't want to suck. Neil happened to be the last runner in our vehicle, which was hard for him because he didn't like waiting. He did amazing for not really training ahead of time, and I exceeded my own personal expectations, which was so cool.

THE SUPPORT TEAM: Alli, Mary Ann, and Aunt Sue

My First Run

My favorite memory:

Running my second leg was kind of an intense experience for me. It started around 10:00 at night. I had been waiting longer than expected for the last runner from Vehicle 1 to come and hand off the bracelet to me, so I was kind of amped up and really ready to start running. When I saw Jason running up the crest of that hill with his yellow shirt on, my adrenaline started pumping and I was ready to go! I knew this would be my hardest run because it was a hill run and it was the middle of the night. I took off and the weather was perfect and I was in the zone. My favorite part of the run was when I started the bottom of my last hill and I could see the lights of the exchange ahead of me and the Rocky theme song started on my iPod. I had just passed 11 people and I was so stoked to be more than halfway done. That was such a great feeling. I ended running an almost 7 minute mile, which is the fastest I've run. Ever.

Finishing my second leg

Team Place: 122nd out of 436 Coed Teams
Total Team Miles Ran: 187.9
Total Personal Miles Ran: 12.4
Neil's Total Personal Miles Ran: 13.6
Total Team Time: 28:55:38.1
Total Personal Time: 103 Minutes
Neil's Total Time: 104 Minutes
Average Team Minute/Mile: 9:11
Average Personal Minute/Mile: 8:18
Neil's Average Personal Minute/Mile: 7:39
Van Road Kills: 81 (This is the number of people we passed, accounting for the people who passed us)

Favorite Quotes/Memories:

Sara: "It's Woot, with the emphasis on the t."
Jamie: "Can you just give me a new right leg?"
Neil: "You guys just get weirder and weirder the longer this trip goes."
Sara: "You know you're a runner now, right?" Me: "I guess I am."
Taylor & Sara: "Ragnar! Burninating the Countryside! Ragnar!"
Sara: "That BYU runner has NICE legs."
Random Guy on the Ragnar Leg: "S*%$. This doesn't get any leveler, does it?"
Mary Ann: "I'm a mom. I don't need to sleep."
Ragnar Crew Member: "Runner 438. In the Chute!"
Sly: "What was Neil waiting for? A hug?"
Neil: "Wait, there was a bike option?"
Neil: "Theodore Grahams, anyone?"

There are so many more random things I will remember and love about this trip. It was awesome being with my family and friends and having them cheer you on and seeing all the randomly decorated vans. Sly was an inspiration on mental toughness and I think we were all amazed by her toughness. The encouraging and fun atmosphere was the best part and I loved every second of it. Thanks to everyone for the experience!

Who is that hairy beast?

This is Neil, trying to hand off his bracelet to someone

Waiting to start my last leg through Heber

The Finish Line- Team on 3


Jacque said...

Awesome. I think it is so cool that you guys did that. Way to go on the 7 min mile!

apb said...

So fun! I am really glad I was part of this family activity :D

Super Sly said...

Oh..... good times. I'm glad I didn't bail out, even though it was tough, it was all worth it. Looking forward to Vegas, baby!

Kami said...

I loved the quotes! Too funny!!