September 21, 2009

Top of Utah 5k

On Saturday, I ran the Top of Utah 5k. It's a 5k that takes place on the same day as the Top of Utah Marathon, and there was a super fun energy that day. I ran with my friend Sly and her 8-year-old nephew AJ. This was AJ's first race and he did AMAZING! He totally finished before I did, which was awesome. I finished in fourth place in my age division (20-29) with a time of 27:13:04. Sly took second in her age division and AJ took first in the 11-year-olds and under. It was a blast!


Super Sly said...

It WAS a super fun day. Too bad we couldn't stick around longer and soak more of it in. And AJ is still 7 for another month. Ha ha. What a future that kid has. :)

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Great job!!!