October 11, 2009

Box Suite, Baby!

Neil just got a new job, and he has been able to take advantage of a pretty sweet perk! The company he works for has a season box suite to Real Salt Lake games. The tickets are technically for him to give away to preferred customers, but there happened to be 8 extra tickets to RSL's exhibition game against Chivas Guadalajara from Mexico on Wednesday. We were able to take the family and it was so much fun. Neil's parents, Tom, Dave, Carly, and my mom were all able to come to the game which made it even better! The Chivas fans were out in full force and some were super crazy, but the atmosphere was amazing. The game was great and full of lots of entertainment- there were a ton of fouls, a couple injuries, two red cards, and some craziness in the team tunnel at halftime. They didn't really show what happened in the tunnel when the teams were going into the locker room, but it was super packed with angry soccer players and security was sprinting to get inside, so you can use your imagination! The teams ending up tying 1-1, but there were lots of great scoring chances which was pretty fun too!

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