October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Walk and More!

Neil and I got the chance to go to Logan this last Friday and Saturday for an Essig Family Reunion and it was so much fun! We left Friday afternoon and on our way to his parent's house, we happened to drive past the temple. We noticed that the leaves had fallen on the sidewalk across the street, where we took one of our favorite pictures from our wedding day. We had to stop and take a picture before the moment was gone.We also got to hang out with our favorite puppy, Hollie. We just found out that she has lymphosarcoma, a form of cancer in the lymphnodes. She started chemo on Friday and that's why she was wearing this cute t-shirt! She will probably have about 1-2 years to live, so we are going to enjoy every moment with her.The family reunion started that night at the Essig's house, where we had a yummy dinner and some great conversation. After that, we headed down to The Pumpkin Walk in North Logan. The displays were really great this year, and we even beat out the rain, which started right after we left! We ended the night back at the Essig's with hot chocolate and donuts. Of course Nick came running inside yelling for donuts, which is pretty standard behavior for him. Fun night!

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