November 23, 2009

New Moon- Finally!!!

Hurray! I finally got to see New Moon tonight! I went with a big group of friends and family- my mom, Joann, Carly, Carly's mom Bambi, Aunt Sue, Sherri, Jamie, and Alli. We went to Megaplex in Ogden where they have assigned seating, so... NO long lines! I feel like I have been waiting forever to see this... it was one of my favorite books of the series and I was so excited to see it after I found out they got a new director, and also knowing they would have a bigger budget on this one. I'm going to try to not ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but here are three of my opinions on the movie:

1. The kid who plays Jacob is RIPPED. Seriously. Edward might want to hit the gym a little more, he has some MAJOR competition.
2. The special effects on the wolves were better than I thought they would be- they were pretty intense. I can really see how they can take out vampires now, it totally makes sense.
3. The Volturi were super creepy. Jane was scary to the extreme and the fight scene was pretty cool! Again, better than the first movie for sure.

Ok, so hopefully I didn't spoil the movie for anyone- the ending was a real cliffhanger, so it's going to seem like a long wait for the Eclipse movie. Maybe I'll have to go see the movie again... Anyone up for it? :)

November 22, 2009


Ok, so Neil is really sad right now so I am trying not to rub it in, but Real Salt Lake just won the MLS Cup! They beat LA Galaxy (Neil's favorite team since forever), so it was pretty intense in our household tonight. The game was actually pretty action packed, with both teams taking some chances and some key players getting injured during the game. It was surprising that RSL was hanging in there with the Galaxy, because it should have been a blowout by the Galaxy. They took first in their conference, won the Western Conference Finals, and have Beckham, Donovan, and Bruce Arena as their head coach. RSL, on the other hand- barely made it into the finals and had to beat the top two teams in the East to get into the Finals. They were HUGE underdogs, so of course I have to cheer for them. The Galaxy scored first on a sweet goal with great team play. RSL tied it up in the second half with a goal by Robby Findley- it was one of those goals where LA just couldn't clear it and RSL capitalized. They went into overtime and there were no goals scored, so they went into a PK shootout. It was SO intense- Josh Saunders (who is the backup goalie for LA, who had to sub into the game when Ricketts got injured) made 2 saves, which is AMAZING. Nick Rimando, who has been clutch during PK's this year, made 2 saves as well. We ended up winning on PK's, 5-4. This is the first time RSL has made it to the Final and the first time they won! Go RSL!!! Don't worry, I made Neil some brownies as a consolation for his team losing. :)

Turkey Trot

This Saturday, I was able to participate in the Turkey Trot 5k with my mom! This was her first race ever and she did AMAZING! The fun run was located in Smithfield and started at 10:00 am. The race started and Mom started off really fast up the hill. We slowed down to a better pace and she never stopped the whole race. We were able to cross the finish line at 49:42, which is super great for her first race! We celebrated by getting some breakfast at Angie's. I am so proud of my mom for setting this goal and completing it. She did amazing and was so strong- it can only go up from here! Good job Mom! (I also want to give props to Sly and AJ for finishing first in their divisions!)

Before the Race
Coming into the finish line
Almost there...
We're done!
After the race... let's go to Angie's!

November 17, 2009

To Vegas and Malibu and Back

This weekend, Neil, Sly, and I were able to go to California. Sly and I had signed up to do a half marathon in Malibu, California on the 15th, so we made a mini-vacation out of it! We left Thursday morning and arrived in Las Vegas that afternoon. We stayed at the Monte Carlo and mostly just hung out that night. We ate at a buffet and went shopping, then wandered around Vegas for a bit.

We left Vegas Friday morning and made the final drive to California. That night, we were lucky enough to get tickets to the MLS Western Conference Final at the Home Depot Center, where Neil's favorite MLS team, the LA Galaxy, were playing the Houston Dynamo! The game was a little crazy- there were two power outages during the game, and then they ended up tied at the end of regulation, so they had to go to a 30 minute overtime. This made the game last a ridiculously long time, but LA won, so it was totally worth it! The coolest thing is that the MLS Cup Final is next week, and LA is going to be playing Real Salt Lake- our two favorite teams in the final... this is a win-win situation!

The Home Depot Center in Carson, California

David Beckham himself
The day of the race couldn't come soon enough- I have been preparing and thinking about it for what seems like forever, and I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I have never run this long of a distance at one time before, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. The race itself was kind of amazing- the route was along the Pacific Coast Highway, so we were running within view of the ocean the entire time. The views were gorgeous and it made it easier to forget how much my legs were hurting, ha ha! I was able to finish the half marathon in 2:12:37.4. I was 343rd overall, 156th out of the women's division, and then 33rd in my age division. I was so happy to be done- afterwards, we stayed at the beach and relaxed, then we ate lunch at In-N-Out Burger. Yummy!

Before the race- it was so early in the morning!

The road we ran on
Trying to catch my breath after I finished

November 3, 2009

Halloween & Thriller

We had the funnest Halloween! My mom came down to visit, which almost always means shopping. We went to Tai Pan in the morning- they have the best holiday decorations this year! After that, all three of us went to dinner at Tucano's at the Gateway. It was SO yummy, of course. They almost had to roll us out of there! After dinner we did some more shopping, then we rode Trax to Kingsbury Hall to see Thriller. It was so funny to see all the "dead" dancers trying to freak everyone out before the show. There was one lady they seriously scared 5 times, it was pretty hilarious! The coolest part about the show this year was they had a guest dancer who is only 13 and he was super amazing! I guess he's won all sorts of hip hop dance awards or something, but he was very good. It was also a blast to see all the different costumes people were wearing- one of the most original ones I saw was a girl who was dressed like a movie star from the 20's and painted all grey and white- she was a black and white movie. It was pretty cool. Here are some pics!

Neil is enjoying a caramel marshmallow from Rocky Mt. Chocolate Factory. Yummy!

Riding Trax

Hanging out with my hubby

These girls were freaky! They played their part really well.