November 3, 2009

Halloween & Thriller

We had the funnest Halloween! My mom came down to visit, which almost always means shopping. We went to Tai Pan in the morning- they have the best holiday decorations this year! After that, all three of us went to dinner at Tucano's at the Gateway. It was SO yummy, of course. They almost had to roll us out of there! After dinner we did some more shopping, then we rode Trax to Kingsbury Hall to see Thriller. It was so funny to see all the "dead" dancers trying to freak everyone out before the show. There was one lady they seriously scared 5 times, it was pretty hilarious! The coolest part about the show this year was they had a guest dancer who is only 13 and he was super amazing! I guess he's won all sorts of hip hop dance awards or something, but he was very good. It was also a blast to see all the different costumes people were wearing- one of the most original ones I saw was a girl who was dressed like a movie star from the 20's and painted all grey and white- she was a black and white movie. It was pretty cool. Here are some pics!

Neil is enjoying a caramel marshmallow from Rocky Mt. Chocolate Factory. Yummy!

Riding Trax

Hanging out with my hubby

These girls were freaky! They played their part really well.

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Crystal and Dustun said...

I love the scarfs! super cute! I wish I could wear mine, but it is so dang hot here :( I would love to go to the thriller it looks and sounds so awesome!