November 22, 2009


Ok, so Neil is really sad right now so I am trying not to rub it in, but Real Salt Lake just won the MLS Cup! They beat LA Galaxy (Neil's favorite team since forever), so it was pretty intense in our household tonight. The game was actually pretty action packed, with both teams taking some chances and some key players getting injured during the game. It was surprising that RSL was hanging in there with the Galaxy, because it should have been a blowout by the Galaxy. They took first in their conference, won the Western Conference Finals, and have Beckham, Donovan, and Bruce Arena as their head coach. RSL, on the other hand- barely made it into the finals and had to beat the top two teams in the East to get into the Finals. They were HUGE underdogs, so of course I have to cheer for them. The Galaxy scored first on a sweet goal with great team play. RSL tied it up in the second half with a goal by Robby Findley- it was one of those goals where LA just couldn't clear it and RSL capitalized. They went into overtime and there were no goals scored, so they went into a PK shootout. It was SO intense- Josh Saunders (who is the backup goalie for LA, who had to sub into the game when Ricketts got injured) made 2 saves, which is AMAZING. Nick Rimando, who has been clutch during PK's this year, made 2 saves as well. We ended up winning on PK's, 5-4. This is the first time RSL has made it to the Final and the first time they won! Go RSL!!! Don't worry, I made Neil some brownies as a consolation for his team losing. :)

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Drae said...

My condolences to Niel, but wow!!! What a great win. I expected to turn on the game for the first half and have it off by the second. I thought RSL was going to get creamed, but they didn't. We stayed up till midnight watching it here in Indiana. (I hate Eastern time, when we follow teams in the west) What a great game!! I wish they could play like they did in the last 2 games, all season. So excited for them!! (and UT) It was a big win. Eat it Beckham!!