January 4, 2010

2009 Review

I'm going to steal Joni's idea and do a review of the past year of our lives! It was an interesting year for us, to say the least. The details at the beginning of the year are a little fuzzy, but you'll get the basic idea. This is kind of a lengthly post, but there are lots of pictures to get you through it!

January: We were still living in Logan and working at USA Sports. I just remember being exhausted that month from no sleep because we were both working 70+ hours a week. I also got let go from a job I disliked, working at @Home Realty due to budget cuts. So I guess it was a month for jobs and working! Also, my "niece" Abigail was born to my BFC (Best Friend Cousin) on January 30. It was a miracle and Abby is such a sweetheart!

February: It was cold and snowy. That's the only thing I remember about February. And we were busy at the arena!

March: This month was full of lots of coaching and playing soccer. I think I was playing on 6 different indoor teams at this time. I'm not sure how I did it! Neil and I also went to Las Vegas to coach one of my girls teams in a tournament. Oh, and we bought our scooter this month too!

April: Lots more coaching and playing soccer. Also, lots of running, preparing to run the Wasatch Back in June.

May: Neil and I ran our first 5k, at the Smithfield Health Days Race. The morning was freezing, but it was such a great feeling to finish! And, more coaching soccer.

June: June was a busy month for us! We started the month off by traveling down to Cedar City so I could play in the Utah Summer Games, in adult 3v3. My team ended up winning third place, so we got some medals and had a BLAST! Also, Neil and I both ran in the Ragnar Relay Series Wasatch Back. Funnest race ever!


July: Neil and I played in a soccer tournament in Park City in July, and one of the teams I coached won Cache Valley Cup! I also turned 24. This is the month the arena closed unexpectedly and we had to re-evaluate life!

August: Neil and I organized an adult outdoor 6v6 soccer tournament, which was a huge success! We also moved to Neil's parents basement, which was a huge but necessary adjustment. We spent the month hoping the arena would open again and hanging out at the pool.

September: Neil turned 24 this month! I also ran in the Top of Utah 5k and we hung out at my family's cabin on Labor Day.

October: This month was packed... Neil and I moved to Layton, started new jobs at the Sportsplex Field House, had our fourth anniversary (that's right, folks- 4 years and no baby- it must be a Utah record!). went to an RSL game in a box suite, went to Thriller, and had an Essig Family Reunion with dinner and the Pumpkin Walk. Whew, that was a lot!

November: This month was also super busy! Neil and I went to California with my friend Sly, where I ran my first half marathon in Malibu and ate far too many In-N-Out fries. Also, RSL won the MLS Cup, and my mom ran her first 5k. And also, Thanksgiving. So to sum up November, lots of running and eating!


December: The year wrapped up with a great holiday season! There was so much food and family and fun- it was one of the best Christmases ever. I'm excited for what next year brings!


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Kami said...

Sheesh! What a year!! Wish you guys were still in Logan!!