February 26, 2010

Best V-Day Present EVER!!!

Ok, so Neil and I didn't really do that much for Valentine's Day this year. We went to dinner, told each other "I love you" and that was about where it ended. However, Neil decided instead of giving me flowers or chocolates, he would give me new running shoes. Is he the best or what? We ordered them on Zappos.com and they got here within one day and I love, love, LOVE them! They are so bright and colorful, and I think they make me fast because I ran my fastest 4-mile time this week- twice. I broke my own record on Tuesday and then shattered that record on Thursday. Yay for new shoes!


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I love green...cool shoes!

Essig said...

I a all about cool presents on holidays... flowers just die... running shoes don't die!!
I am so glad i found your blog.