February 15, 2010

Happy Love Day!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and we were happy to be able to spend some quality time with our family. We drove to Logan and had a nice visit with my mom, complete with yummy sugar cookies. After that, we went to Neil's parents house to have a birthday dinner for his mom. The whole family was there and it was so much fun! When we asked Andi how old she thought her grandma was, she was nice and said that she thought her grandma was 26. Aah, the innocence of 5-year-olds! We also got to get in some good time with Neil's dog Hollie, who probably doesn't have much time left, so that was great to be with her. There was great food, lots of laughter, and some birthday cake! What more could you ask for? We also wanted to say Happy Birthday again to Mary Ann- I know she's the best mom Neil could've ever asked for, and she's been an amazing mother-in-law. Thanks for everything!

Playtime before dinner
Hanging out with his puppy
Love this dog!

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