February 22, 2010

Travis' Farewell

(This was Christmas when he received his call)

On Sunday, my youngest cousin Travis gave a non-farewell farewell talk in church. The whole family was there to support him and he gave a great talk. It was spiritual and funny and he is the first person I have ever heard use the word "faithapalooza" in a church talk. Afterward, we all went to the Price's house to have some dinner. Travis apparently invited the entire high school because there was at least 150 or so people there throughout the afternoon. Luckily there was enough food for everyone and once the craziness subsided, enough seats for everyone! Good luck Travis in the Richmond Virginia mission- he leaves at the beginning of March and he is very excited to go!


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

That was so much fun. It was great seeing how many friends Travis has supporting him. The food was great!! See you in April at the 5K!

kathy said...

Faithapalooza, what a word! It should be added to the dictionary.