April 21, 2010

Tom-Tom Tears It Up

Yesterday, Neil and I were able to go to Bonneville High to watch Tom and Sky View soccer play. He started and got some great minutes! Unfortunately, Sky View lost 3-0, but it was still fun to watch. There was a big group out to support Tom, as his parents, Neil and I, and Becky and her cute kids all came. Here are some pics from the game.

Love these adorable kids!

Tom, owning his defender

Tom, preparing to make minced meat out of his opponent

April 12, 2010

Wedding Bells

Last Saturday, my best friend from high school got married and I was lucky to be a part of her special day. She asked me to take pictures for her, and while I was VERY nervous to take the pictures, I ended up enjoying my role. Here a small sample of some of the pictures I took during the day! Enjoy!

Running & RSL

This Saturday was a really fun day for us! My mom was able to come to stay at our house Friday night in order to get ready for her second 5k Saturday morning. She has been training really hard and we were both really optimistic about her second race! She was able to finish the race in 42:24, which is about 14 minutes faster than the first time she ran a 5k. We also found out after the race that my mom was the oldest person to race that day, which is SUCH an amazing accomplishment! Neil also ran the race, and he sprinted to finish in 22:07!

Before the race

Coming to the finish line
We're done!
After the race was over, we changed and then had lunch at Famous Dave's. My Aunt Susan was able to be there at the end of the race and she came to lunch with us!
Here's my mom- the runner!
We're ready for our food!

After lunch, we went home and took a quick nap. That night, we had tickets to the Real Salt Lake game, which was the home opener against the Seattle Sounders FC. The game started off great, with RSL playing really well. Unfortunately, the Sounders scored first. RSL fought back and the game eventually ended tied 2-2, with RSL scoring the game-tying goal in the 94th minute, which was so exciting! Another highlight of the game was David Archuleta appearing for a surprise performance at halftime. He performed with this adorable little boy name Jonah as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfilling his wish. Jonah has sickle-cell disease and is currently searching for a bone marrow donor match. Part of his wish was to play with the RSL players, which he did at a training earlier in the week, and then he was able to perform with his favorite artist, David Archuleta, at halftime. This little guy literally had me in tears because of his adorable grin and his spunk while singing in the background. There was one point where David let him take over and he hit the high note and held it with such character. I hope he finds the help he needs to get better.
Before the game started
David & Jonah belting it out
The famous pop idol himself
During the game

April 4, 2010

Fun Easter Times

On Saturday, we had a fun family party at Becky's house in Layton. We cooked a major breakfast spread for lunch (cheesy hash brown, scrambled eggs, waffles, bacon, sausage- need I say more?), and then the kids went on their Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, Neil and I had to leave the party early because we had a wedding in Logan to get to, but we were glad to be there regardless. 
Saturday night we were able to stay at my mom's house in Providence, and then spend Easter Sunday with her and family. We had a really great dinner (ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, asparagus, pasta salad, rolls, boiled eggs, deviled eggs, sticky buns, lemon cake- yumm-o!). My brother also brought his pet rabbit Kirby. It was pretty funny to watch how my cat Lani reacted to the rabbit- she was curious, terrified, and kind of insulted at this new animal all at the same time! We were also able to watch conference and there was, as always, some really great messages and lessons to be learned. Happy Easter!

April 1, 2010

My New Food Blog

Hey everyone! Neil and I decided to start a new blog that is all about food. We love trying out new restaurants and recipes, and people are always asking for our opinion about what to cook or where to eat, so we thought we would start our own website where people can see what we're up to! If you want to check it out, go to www.EssigEats.com. Neil designed the entire website and it looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself!