June 29, 2010

See Ya!

We are leaving on Thursday for a vacation to our own little space in the middle of nowhere... see ya'll when we get back! We're SOOO excited!!! Wish everyone could join us...

Buried Life #51

Neil and I have been a big fan of a TV show on MTV called "The Buried Life." The show basically follows four guys around while they try to complete their bucket list, only they call it the Buried Life List. We decided that having goals is a great thing, so we made a list of things we wanted to complete before we died. I completed my #51 today- I made a goal to juggle a soccer ball 10,000 times in one month, and I finished it up today, just in time! Now onto the next thing...

June 27, 2010

Fiesta Cup

This weekend, I was able to play in a women's 6v6 outdoor tournament in North Logan. I organized a team and we ended playing 7 games, each game 50 minutes long. The weather was gorgeous and hot, and we ended up taking fourth place in the tournament. The games were super fun and it was so great playing soccer with a bunch of girls I haven't seen in awhile! Here are some pictures.

June 21, 2010

Ragnar Relay 2010

These past weekend was the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay! We had a ton of fun and pretty much exhausted ourselves. The team started running at 11:30 am on Friday morning in Logan and we finished in Park City on Saturday afternoon at 3:59 pm. Together, our team of 12 runners ran a total of 189 miles non-stop, and took 51st out of 490 Coed Open Division Teams. Our team name was the Justice League 2010 and we each had different superhero aliases. This year was a blast and everyone performed really well. I ended up not being able to run my last leg due to muscle strain, so Sly took my last 5.5 miles, which was amazing after running the "Ragnar" leg of 4 miles. Here are some pictures from the race!

June 15, 2010

World Cup Fever!

Have you guys been watching the World Cup? Our TV has been turned to pretty much nothing but World Cup soccer since the tournament started last Friday. The next game we're most looking forward to- the USA vs. Slovenia on Friday morning at 8:30 am on ESPN. We tied our first game against England and hope to notch a win against a lower ranked team. Another game we can't wait for- Spain's first game of the tournament tomorrow, against Switzerland. This is the best sport in the world! GO USA!!!

June 14, 2010

Utah Valley 5k

This Saturday, my mom and I ran another 5k! The weather was threatening rain, but it held off while we were running. The 5k was a part of the Utah Valley Marathon and Half Marathon and there was a LOT of people! My mom and I ran the race in 43:53, which is about a minute per mile faster than the last 5k she ran. My friend Sly also ran the race and finished 4th overall in the females. We celebrated finishing by eating at Pho Kim Long, a Vietnamese place in Layton, which was great because the food was warm and yummy! After that, a group of us met at our house to watch the USA vs. England soccer game at 12:30- the USA tied, which was a relief! Overall, it was a fun weekend!

June 6, 2010

Moser Photo Shoot

This last Saturday, I had the chance to take pictures of my sister-in-law, Joann, and her adorable kids. Joann is pregnant and wanted to get some pictures as this is going to be her last pregnancy. The weather was beautiful and it was a fun time! Here are some of my favorite photos.

June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

This Memorial Day weekend was a fun one! Neil and I went up to Logan to hang out with the family and we really enjoyed it. Saturday we went to dinner with my mom at Black Pearl, then went to see Prince of Persia. The movie was pretty action-packed (and Jake Gyllenhall isn't too bad to look at either!) and pretty enjoyable. The next morning, my mom and went for a nice walk to enjoy the sunshine, then cooked a delicious lunch. That afternoon, we were able to go to the cemetery with Neil's family to visit the various headstones, including the Essig's, Sorenson's, Tingey's, and Danny's grave. The little kids helped to clean off the headstones, which was really sweet! Afterward, we went to Aunt Sue's house and just hung out and talked and ate lots of snacks. We spent another night at my mom's house, had breakfast Monday morning, then went home for a little more relaxing. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend like we did!

After lunch Sunday

My cute kitten Lani

Check out how to make this yummy meat here

Summer must be here! I got my first sno cone of the year!

 At the cemetary