June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

This Memorial Day weekend was a fun one! Neil and I went up to Logan to hang out with the family and we really enjoyed it. Saturday we went to dinner with my mom at Black Pearl, then went to see Prince of Persia. The movie was pretty action-packed (and Jake Gyllenhall isn't too bad to look at either!) and pretty enjoyable. The next morning, my mom and went for a nice walk to enjoy the sunshine, then cooked a delicious lunch. That afternoon, we were able to go to the cemetery with Neil's family to visit the various headstones, including the Essig's, Sorenson's, Tingey's, and Danny's grave. The little kids helped to clean off the headstones, which was really sweet! Afterward, we went to Aunt Sue's house and just hung out and talked and ate lots of snacks. We spent another night at my mom's house, had breakfast Monday morning, then went home for a little more relaxing. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend like we did!

After lunch Sunday

My cute kitten Lani

Check out how to make this yummy meat here

Summer must be here! I got my first sno cone of the year!

 At the cemetary

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