August 8, 2010

Canadian Vacation

Neil and I, along with my mom and members of his family, had a chance to go to Ontario, Canada for a vacation in July. It took me awhile to post about it, but here are some of my favorite memories and some pictures. Enjoy!

1. The beauty of Canada and the gorgeous sunsets
2. Relaxing on the dock and accomplishing almost nothing during the day
3. Jaron and his guimaves and everyone calling him "Mega Son"
4. My mom falling in the water but still getting back in afterwards to conquer her fear of water
5. Being able to walk on Sunset Trail, the trail the boys spent two days building
6. The yummy food- I was never hungry
7. The misinformed ladies in Relief Society at church- they had some very interesting views on the Gospel
8. Tom- The Fish Whisperer (He caught 22 fish I think by the end)
9. The huge rainstorm the first couple of days we were there
10. Listening to World Cup games on the radio and having the announcer make fun of the German team
11. Having a campfire every night, even with the mosquitoes
12. Watching Macey sleep and Max fetch every second of the day while we were there
13. Neil catching a 27-inch, 7 lb. Northern Pike- that fish was huge!
14. Watching the boys have Dock Wars every day and them telling us to record it on video every time
15. Coming back from the main dock to discover the Super Slide had floated far away
16. Being in the place where Neil proposed to me and reliving all the fun memories and making amazing new ones

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