August 29, 2010

Team Retreat

It's been awhile since I've had time to blog, so there are going to be a bunch of posts in a row. Enjoy!

My friend Sly and I took on the responsibility of coaching a U14 girls soccer team starting in July. The girls have mostly played together for years, but since Sly and I are new to the team, we wanted to have a retreat in order to get to know the girls better and have them get to know us a little better! The team is based out of Woods Cross, but we had the girls come to Logan to stay for a couple of days. We started on a Thursday afternoon and had them meet at Old Main Hill up at the USU campus. The girls ran the Old Main Stairs (120 total I think) for 30 minutes. As a reward, they got pizza! That afternoon, we had a light training session and also a scrimmage against a local boys team. After the scrimmage, we had a team dinner and basically just hung out for the rest of the night. The next morning, we met bright and early to go on a team hike up Logan Canyon! The hike was up Tony Grove and we hiked 6.7 miles total to Mount Naomi, which overlooks Cache Valley. The weather was beautiful and the girls were troopers after all the activity the day before. We were able to get to the know the team better and it was a fun time! I'm excited to coach the rest of the season!

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