November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving in Cali!

Neil and I had the chance to spend Thanksgiving in California this year. The girls soccer team I coach played in a tournament Friday-Sunday, so we left Utah Tuesday afternoon to try and beat the storm that was rolling in that afternoon. We stayed in Vegas that night and enjoyed a really nice dinner at P.F. Chang's. We had a table right next to the window and it was really nice! The next morning, we spent some time shopping before traveling to California. The head coach, Sly, has a sister who lives in the LA area, so we spent Wednesday night there and had Thanksgiving dinner there. Thursday morning, we drove to the Santa Monica Pier and hung out for a little while before dinner! Dinner was delicious and it was fun. The next morning, we drove to Irvine and started coaching the tournament. We won our first three games, and then lost in the final on Sunday in a PK shootout. The girls were disappointed to lose, but they played hard and I hope they learned a lot. Here are some pictures!

 We made the girls run sprints on the beach, lol

 And also made them do push ups!

 Santa Monica Pier

 LA Temple

We took second!

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