January 7, 2011

2010 in Review

I decided to go back and review our year in 2010. I was surprised at how much we actually did, and it just makes me excited for 2011. Here are some pictures!

January- We spent it shivering, working, and sleeping. Enough said. :)

February- I ran my first race of the year. My family also said good bye to my cousin Travis, as he went on his mission to Virginia. We also had to say good bye to Neil's dog, Hollie. We still miss her!

March- Neil and I drove down to Saint George so I could run in the Spectrum 10k. The scenery was beautiful, we ate at In-N-Out Burger, and got some sun!

April- we went to our first RSL game of the season, and my mom and I ran our first race together of the year. My best friend, Nicole, also got married this month and I was able to take her wedding pictures!

 May- We ran another race this month (Neil running the 5k, while I did the 10k), we had a fun Sibling Dinner at the Mandarin, I ate my first sno cone of the year, and we played in a soccer tournament in Vegas. Lots of laughter and fun this month!

June- Wow, this was SUCH a busy month! First of all, my sister-in-law Joann asked me to take pictures of her and her kids while she was still pregnant, which was a blast. Those kids are adorable! We also spent a lot of time this month watching the World Cup, playing soccer (I played in a women's 6v6 tournament), and we also ran the Wasatch Back again. I'm tired just thinking back on it! :)

July- This was my favorite month of the year! It was my birthday, we spent almost two weeks relaxing in Canada, Neil took my to Bear Lake for my birthday, and we also went to the RSL game on Pioneer Day with Dave & Carly. The game was BORING, but it didn't matter because there were fireworks!

August- Neil and I spent a lot of time this month coaching soccer (we're the assistant coaches for a girls team), playing soccer in the 6v6 tournament we ran, and hanging out at Lagoon. I also ran the Top of Utah Half Marathon, which was my second ever. The race went great and it was a good way to wrap up the summer!

September- It was Neil's birthday this month! My mom and I had fun embarrassing him at Texas Roadhouse. My mom and I also ran the Top of Utah 5k and she did really well! We also spent a beautiful day in Park City, where Neil enjoyed taking pictures of the gorgeous fall leaves! We also went for a great hike up Adams Canyon in Layton.

October- It was our 5th anniversary this month! Wow, I still can't believe how fast time has flown by! We spent it in Las Vegas, and also spent some time coaching. We also had the chance to hang out with the Essig's at a corn maze, and ate Cheesecake Factory on Halloween.

November- This is the month that RSL was knocked out of the playoffs, which was a bummer. My mom and I also ran the Turkey Trot 5k again this year. Neil and I spent Thanksgiving this year in California, coaching a soccer tournament. The weather was a little cold, but we did enjoy the sun!

December- Another busy month! Lots of spending time with family, wrapping presents, baking, laughing, visiting Temple Square, eating, and sleeping. Busy, busy, busy!

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