February 10, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned From Soccer

As many of you know, Kami and I have recently changed jobs. Because of this, our ties with the soccer world are not as strong. I am currently planning on retiring from soccer and moving on to other things. I felt like right now would be as good a time as any to share a few things I've learned from playing soccer. These can apply to other sports, I'm sure, but it's always good to share.

10. Never judge another player by the basketball shorts they are wearing.
9. Teaching someone else to play can be more rewarding than playing yourself.
8. Someone who claims they are “just doing it for the exercise” is most likely lying.
7. Most people would rather keep playing and lose than sub off the field.
6. When an opponent talks trash, it always feels better to beat them with skill than try to beat them with words.
5. When angry, it is better to say nothing than say something and ruin a friendship.
4. Sometimes it feels better to give someone a chance than to simply destroy them.
3. Actions taken on the playing field will most definitely effect your outcome in the afterlife.
2. An enemy on the field can easily become your best friend in six months, just play on their team and see!
1. It pays in the real world to be a good sport on the field (just ask Kami).

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