April 18, 2011

April So Far

Ok, so I have been really bad at posting this month for some reason. I'm not completely sure why, because looking back, I don't feel like I have been that busy! So here is a quick synopsis of what we've been up to this month:

Cooking some of this:
Low-Fat Chicken Teriyaki (recipe here)

Coaching these fun girls: (and winning, I might add)

Working out with this great app:

Watching Tom play soccer and SCORE A GOAL:
Reading some great books:

Eating out at this great place (more than once):
Watching some El Classico:

Catching up with friends and going on impromptu hikes: (Sorry Nicole, no picture of us)

Listening to some good music:

and last but not least, FINALLY giving in and buying a new camera lens! I know there won't be any buyer's remorse on this one!

Happy April! I'm ready for warm weather now! :)

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