May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Yesterday was an interesting Memorial Day in our family! We woke up to freshly fallen snow on the ground and 35 degrees. Gotta love Utah weather! We drove to Logan and enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Grandpa Sorenson's. (I LOVE hash browns!) After that, we headed over to Neil's parents house to help them get their house ready for their pending departure in the middle of June. All the Essig's met and worked hard moving, boxing up, and cleaning. (There was only a little blood!) We had worked up a big appetite by then so we fired up the grill to have a barbecue! After lunch, we also had a small lesson on the country of Chile. If we haven't explained already, Neil's parents are leaving for Chile on June 27 to be mission presidents for three years! They are excited to go, but there is a lot to be done before they leave. Neil's little brother Tom has also received his mission call to the Chile Osorno mission, which is about an 8-hour drive away from where Neil's parents will be serving in the Chile Santiago North mission. Neil and I prepared the lesson on Chile and we presented a small slideshow of some of the landscapes in Chile. Here is the video, enjoy!

Family Dinner

A couple of weeks ago, Neil's older sister Becky was in town. We took the chance to all go to dinner as a family. We met at the Sonora Grill in Ogden. The food was delicious! Afterwards, we headed over to Farr's Fresh in Riverdale and enjoyed more time together, along with some yummy ice cream/frozen yogurt.

St. George Pictures

When we went to Las Vegas this May, we stayed the first night in St. George. We were able to take some cool pictures, enjoy!

Vegas Tournament 2011

This year, we were able to go Las Vegas and play in an adult full field outdoor coed tournament again! It was fun this year again, even with all the stress of getting a full team there. We played much better this year, and even though we didn't advance out of group play again, the experience was still a blast! Here are some of my favorite quotes/memories from the trip:

-- "Sometimes I say things and then I think to myself, 'Why am I so weird?'" - Neil
-- "I was going to brake check you... I would've if she (Annika) wasn't pregnant..." -Nate
-- "Can I buy some uncooked rice from you? My phone got wet." - Tyler at the Thai restaurant, after he jumped in the pool with his phone in his pocket
-- "If we make it to the semifinals, I am going to be physically incapable of driving home." -Neil
-- Guy on the other team to Garrett after a breakaway - "If you hadn't come out, I would've scored." Garrett- "Place it next time then."
-- "Don't step on The Cankle!" -Stacee
-- "Kendon. We have a problem. Annika's pregnant. Call me back." -Neil
-- "I would rather eat a raw turnip than eat cheesecake." -Tyler
-- "I went into the bathroom and cried. Not for me, for him. Because, who would love this man?" -Stacee
-- Nate being late to dinner because he was making friends with an old couple from Wisconsin at the pool.
-- Everyone almost crying at the Thai restaurant because everyone's food was SO spicy.

Here are some pictures!
Driving to dinner in St. George in the Jag...

Annika & Jared, while we were waiting for breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe. Most delicious breakfast EVER!!

Neil has his game face on before the Rio Buffet!

 Chilling at the pool


 Dinner at Basil & Lime with the team

The team: (Top row first, left-right)
Nate, Neil, Garrett, Jared, Damian, Kendon
Becky, Stacee, Kami, Nicole, Annika, Ana

May 10, 2011

I Love The Internet Sometimes

I love the internet. I follow a large number of blogs through my Google Reader, and sometimes I wonder why I spend all this time following blogs. Well, it FINALLY paid off this last week! I entered a giveaway on for either a necklace or earrings from this amazing Etsy shop, Niandra. I chose the earrings, and it was so so so cool to open my mailbox the other day and get a package from Italy! While the internet can offer some bad stuff, it can also offer some joy as well!

Mother's Day Recap

We spent Mother's Day in Cache Valley. We started the day at my grandparent's place and ate a yummy dinner prepared by my mom! My aunts and brother were able to be there as well. After dinner, we were sitting around and chatting. Tim was playing a game on his phone and my grandma wanted to see what he was doing. She was able to win her level on the first try! It was a little weird to see my grandma playing a game on her phone, but it made me laugh! After that, we met up with Neil's family for dinner at his Aunt Sue's house. We had yummy Teriyaki Chicken and later laughed over cupcakes. All in all, it was a great day!

 Grandpa and his strawberries!

 Grandma playing the game.

143 Days 16 Hours 24 Minutes

So as I'm writing this blog, I'm looking at the Race Countdown Clock they have on the St. George Marathon website. I had the high hopes of completing the Salt Lake Marathon on April 16 this year, and I didn't do it. There were a number of reasons why, but when the date came and went, I was left feeling disappointed and unaccomplished. I don't know why running a marathon is such a big deal to me- I even had a co-worker say today, "There are easier ways to commit suicide." It's just something that I've really wanted to accomplish because I think I am capable and I want to prove to myself that I'm as strong as I think I am. After not completing Salt Lake, I decided to look for a fall marathon to do. The one that kept coming up was the St. George Marathon on October 1. Unfortunately, this is one where you had to enter a lottery and just hope you got in. This marathon is super popular throughout the country, and they "only" let in 7400 people. Along those lines, they let you in no matter what if you meet the following criteria: this is your third time entering and you haven't been in before; if you live in Washington County and can prove it on your drivers license; and if you are a member of some of the running clubs down there. I don't fit any of those groups, but I entered anyway, crossed my fingers, and kind of forgot about it. Well, this morning I remembered that the lottery date had passed, so I checked online and I GOT SELECTED! I'm pretty stoked about it... I think it will serve as extra motivation to know that there are probably a good number of people who really wanted to run this race but couldn't because their name wasn't drawn in the lottery. It just feels like it's meant to be... now to get my training schedule together! ;) The race is only 143 days away, that's plenty of time, right???

(And on a side note, if anyone is feeling generous and wants to buy me this SWEET GPS watch for "only" $199.00, I wouldn't say no! :P)

Busy Busy Busy!

We had a SUPER busy weekend! Friday involved playing soccer together, then Saturday morning we coached soccer. Which was followed by playing soccer, then watching RSL soccer, then driving randomly around Roy looking for a park. We spent Sunday in Logan and enjoyed lots of family time for Mother's Day (post soon to follow..)

Playing outdoor soccer. You can find more pics and a post by Neil here.

Eating at a random park in Roy. The full story is on Neil's blog, found here!

More Mother's Day picture and stories to come!

RSL vs. Monterrey

We had a chance to go to the biggest game in RSL history to date on April 27. The atmosphere was incredible, and even though the team lost, we were still super proud of the team and happy to be at the game!

Streamers, anyone?

Jared, Annika, Kami, Neil, Dave, & Carly!