May 10, 2011

143 Days 16 Hours 24 Minutes

So as I'm writing this blog, I'm looking at the Race Countdown Clock they have on the St. George Marathon website. I had the high hopes of completing the Salt Lake Marathon on April 16 this year, and I didn't do it. There were a number of reasons why, but when the date came and went, I was left feeling disappointed and unaccomplished. I don't know why running a marathon is such a big deal to me- I even had a co-worker say today, "There are easier ways to commit suicide." It's just something that I've really wanted to accomplish because I think I am capable and I want to prove to myself that I'm as strong as I think I am. After not completing Salt Lake, I decided to look for a fall marathon to do. The one that kept coming up was the St. George Marathon on October 1. Unfortunately, this is one where you had to enter a lottery and just hope you got in. This marathon is super popular throughout the country, and they "only" let in 7400 people. Along those lines, they let you in no matter what if you meet the following criteria: this is your third time entering and you haven't been in before; if you live in Washington County and can prove it on your drivers license; and if you are a member of some of the running clubs down there. I don't fit any of those groups, but I entered anyway, crossed my fingers, and kind of forgot about it. Well, this morning I remembered that the lottery date had passed, so I checked online and I GOT SELECTED! I'm pretty stoked about it... I think it will serve as extra motivation to know that there are probably a good number of people who really wanted to run this race but couldn't because their name wasn't drawn in the lottery. It just feels like it's meant to be... now to get my training schedule together! ;) The race is only 143 days away, that's plenty of time, right???

(And on a side note, if anyone is feeling generous and wants to buy me this SWEET GPS watch for "only" $199.00, I wouldn't say no! :P)

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Little Messy Missy said...

Congratulations! I am sure it will be awesome!