May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Yesterday was an interesting Memorial Day in our family! We woke up to freshly fallen snow on the ground and 35 degrees. Gotta love Utah weather! We drove to Logan and enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Grandpa Sorenson's. (I LOVE hash browns!) After that, we headed over to Neil's parents house to help them get their house ready for their pending departure in the middle of June. All the Essig's met and worked hard moving, boxing up, and cleaning. (There was only a little blood!) We had worked up a big appetite by then so we fired up the grill to have a barbecue! After lunch, we also had a small lesson on the country of Chile. If we haven't explained already, Neil's parents are leaving for Chile on June 27 to be mission presidents for three years! They are excited to go, but there is a lot to be done before they leave. Neil's little brother Tom has also received his mission call to the Chile Osorno mission, which is about an 8-hour drive away from where Neil's parents will be serving in the Chile Santiago North mission. Neil and I prepared the lesson on Chile and we presented a small slideshow of some of the landscapes in Chile. Here is the video, enjoy!

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