May 31, 2011

Vegas Tournament 2011

This year, we were able to go Las Vegas and play in an adult full field outdoor coed tournament again! It was fun this year again, even with all the stress of getting a full team there. We played much better this year, and even though we didn't advance out of group play again, the experience was still a blast! Here are some of my favorite quotes/memories from the trip:

-- "Sometimes I say things and then I think to myself, 'Why am I so weird?'" - Neil
-- "I was going to brake check you... I would've if she (Annika) wasn't pregnant..." -Nate
-- "Can I buy some uncooked rice from you? My phone got wet." - Tyler at the Thai restaurant, after he jumped in the pool with his phone in his pocket
-- "If we make it to the semifinals, I am going to be physically incapable of driving home." -Neil
-- Guy on the other team to Garrett after a breakaway - "If you hadn't come out, I would've scored." Garrett- "Place it next time then."
-- "Don't step on The Cankle!" -Stacee
-- "Kendon. We have a problem. Annika's pregnant. Call me back." -Neil
-- "I would rather eat a raw turnip than eat cheesecake." -Tyler
-- "I went into the bathroom and cried. Not for me, for him. Because, who would love this man?" -Stacee
-- Nate being late to dinner because he was making friends with an old couple from Wisconsin at the pool.
-- Everyone almost crying at the Thai restaurant because everyone's food was SO spicy.

Here are some pictures!
Driving to dinner in St. George in the Jag...

Annika & Jared, while we were waiting for breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe. Most delicious breakfast EVER!!

Neil has his game face on before the Rio Buffet!

 Chilling at the pool


 Dinner at Basil & Lime with the team

The team: (Top row first, left-right)
Nate, Neil, Garrett, Jared, Damian, Kendon
Becky, Stacee, Kami, Nicole, Annika, Ana

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