June 21, 2011

Essig Farewell Party

This weekend, we had a huge bash for Neil's parents as they prepare to leave for Chile! They go to the MTC tomorrow and fly out to Santiago on Monday. We are so excited for the amazing experience we are sure they are going to have, and it was so great to get together with family and friends, so we could send them off the right way! Mike slaved away all day creating a wonderful Dutch Oven dinner for us, and many people contributed salads. We had more Texas Roadhouse rolls than we knew what to do with, and the food was amazing! We also had a photo booth where everyone participated, and the props were provided from Aunt Sue's awesome costumes. We had a blast! Here a just some of pictures... if you read this and want a copy of your picture, please email me and let me know your email so I can send it to you!


Juicy said...


Joni said...

OH - I am soooo sad we missed it. Looks like so much fun. The photo booth pictures are hilarious. Thanks for posting.

The Sorenson's said...

Super cute photos kami! Will you email me ours?
Thanks a bunch.. ps. you guys did an awesome job with the party! Thanks

Ronde said...

what a cute idea. could you please email the photo booth pic of Ben and Elaine Tueller to me. my email is
dstruve@aol.com (I am their daughter)