July 7, 2011

Land of Free, Home of the Brave

We had a very relaxing Fourth of July this year! We loved getting a three-day weekend (in Neil's case, four-day weekend) and we spent the majority of the time relaxing! We did muster up some energy on Saturday to go for a 10-mile bike ride on the Legacy Trail. I also discovered that my new favorite drink after a long bike ride is the Jones Strawberry Lime Soda! That night was spent watching some soccer games. On Sunday, we were able to Skype with Neil's parents and brother in Chile, and it (kinda) worked after only 4 tries! Anyway, it was great talking to them and hearing about some of their experiences so far. On Monday, we met Dave and Carly at Syll's Cafe in Layton (yummo!). We ran some errands, then met Dave and Carly back at their house, where we made some delicious ribs (recipe here) and watched a movie. After that, we went to one of the more interesting Real Salt Lake games this year. The game was full of PK's, red cards, reffing blunders, and 6 total goals! The fireworks afterwards were really disappointing, but on the drive home, there were fireworks all over the Salt Lake Valley that was pretty cool to see. All in all, it was a great Fourth of July weekend!