August 29, 2011

TOU Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran the TOU Half Marathon! I love this race because it is a really fast course, and the finish line is about 5 minutes from my mom's house, so I don't have to worry about parking. My time this year was a lot slower than last years, and it hurt a lot more, but I think I enjoyed it a little bit more. A couple of random things I remember about this race: there was a skunk at the start line that scared everyone because we were sure he was going to spray us; there was a random kitten on the side of the road at one point of the race who just stood there, wanting to be petted by everyone running by; and apparently there was a midget who ran faster than me, even though her legs were half the size of mine (that's a direct quote from Neil, ha ha!).

Just after Mile 9

After the race, and a couple of cups of Gatorade!

I really liked the medal and shirts this year!

Great Times With Family

This weekend was so great! We drove up to Logan on Friday night and ate a great dinner at Fredrico's Pizza. Seriously, their garlic bread is goood. Every. Single. Time! It also helps that Fredrico's is where Neil and I met, so there are lots of fond memories of the place. I attempted to get to bed early, because I was running the Top of Utah Half Marathon the next morning. (Separate post on that later!) Saturday night, we met up with Neil's siblings at Firehouse Pizza in Providence. We all laughed a lot, were generally too loud, and ate a ton of good pizza! After dinner, Joann had to take her kiddos to bed, but the rest of us went bowling. Even though we had to change lanes once, it was a successful time. I even broke out of the 50's! (Ha- I am a terrible bowler.) Sunday morning, we were able to go to church and listen to Tom's farewell talk before his mission. He leaves on Wednesday, and we couldn't be more excited for him! His talk was great, and so was Becky's (she was asked to speak as well). The chapel was absolutely packed with his family and friends, it was great to see. Afterward, we had a yummy dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Sorenson's. I don't know how we fed all the people who came, but we managed it! I really enjoyed this weekend, and I know Neil did too.

Tom Tom's Mission Blog

Tom has asked Neil and I to keep a blog for him while he's on his mission. Here is the address if you are interested in checking it out! It's still a work in progress, but we're happy to do it for him. :)

August 24, 2011

Fair Time & Feeling Crafty!

Last Friday, we visited the Davis County Fair. We pretty much tried all the food there- Navajo Tacos, Corn Dogs, Pulled Pork Sandwich (only one that wasn't worth it), Ribbon Fries, Fresh Donuts, Funnel Cake, and Fresh Limeade. Wow, that was a good day! I had to go work out for quite awhile to burn all that off, but it was worth it.

This photo is super blurry and dark... mostly because I took this picture with my phone. Oops!
And lately, I have been feeling pretty crafty. Two really good friends had baby showers close to each other, so I was ambitious and decided to make their presents. After a lot of internet research, I decided to make them baby bibs, a pacifier pocket, and a diaper strap. What are the last two, you might ask? Well, I have attached some pictures and also the links to the tutorials so you can make them if you would like! In one of the gifts, I also included some "Tin Can Treats".

Here are the baby bibs from the first set of presents. She is having a girl!
Button details from the boy baby bibs
Pacifier Pocket, Diaper Strap, and Baby Bibs
Tin Can Treats (Check out how HERE)
I've also been making a load of bracelets. I can't ever decide on the colors I want, so I just keep making more! It might be a disease... maybe it's called Braceletitis? Coloraphobia? Indecisionicia? The verdict is still out on the name, but in the meantime... I'm going to make some more bracelets. :)

August 22, 2011

Catching Up

This month is apparently about catching up with friends and family. I got to see my dad again at the beginning of August, and I also got to go to dinner with my two best friends from high school. We try to get together once of year, and it is always a fun time when we do. We can seriously sit and talk for hours! It's so interesting how we can grow apart and how things change in our lives, but when we get together, it seems just the same. I love these girls!

This was our first attempt at taking a picture by ourselves. It didn't quite work!

A little better this time...

The hostess took pity on us and took our picture

Logan 6v6 Classic

Last weekend, we had our Logan 6v6 Classic tournament that we have hosted the last couple of years. This was the best year so far, and it was a blast. We changed venues this year, which was the best thing! The city painted the fields for us, which saved a ton of time and effort. We had a ton of help from family, and we had a lot of fun. Neil didn't play this year, but I put a team in and we had a lot of fun playing! The weather was perfect, too- nice and hot. :) We still haven't decided if we are going to host it again next year... we'll decide in the spring probably!

Neil and his helpers!

This was the winning team this year!

Nicole's Maternity Photos

Last week, I was able to take some maternity pictures of my best friend, Nicole. The lighting was awful that day, but we were able to get some shots that worked! Enjoy.

Nicole's daughter Mikylee joined us for the shoot. She was a trooper and only fell in the water once! :)

This is classic Nicole! Ha, love it!

August 19, 2011

An Hour With My Dad

So my dad was in Utah for a couple of days at the beginning of August. I haven't seen him in years, and Neil has actually never met him at all. We were pretty excited when we got the opportunity to meet up with him, even if it was only for an hour! My brother and mom were able to be there, too. Even though my dad is in the Phillippines now, it was great to spend a little time with him. I hope to be able to see him again, hopefully a lot sooner than last time!

TomTom Experiences Tucano's

So at the end of July, we (Neil, me, my mom, and Tom) were all going to a RSL game. Of course, we have to go to a good restaurant before the game, and when we found out that Tom had never experienced Tucano's before, it was a pretty easy choice! Tucano's is very similar to Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake, and the jury still seems to be out as to which one is better. I personally like Tucano's because I feel like it is just as good, with a little cheaper price tag. Anyway, it serves Brazilian-style food. There is a large salad buffet with lots of different choices of food (think sushi to mashed potatoes to salads to Brazilian cheese rolls) and then there are meat servers that walk around serving you delicious meat, along with grilled pineapple. I love this place (especially the grilled pineapple) and it definitely put Neil and Tom into food comas by the time they were done!

The RSL game was pretty good too... even though we lost. Still worth it!

Tom, entering into full coma mode

Neil is really feeling it here
At the game
Tom made a friend at the Gateway

Sorenson Camp

This year, Neil's cousins decided to have Sorenson Camp. This is basically where we camp out in G & G Sorenson's backyard, play lots of fun games, eat lots of good food, and just basically exhaust ourselves silly. We accomplished everything on the list! There was a super fun Western theme. What a blast!

Collage of some of the MANY pictures that were taken that weekend!
Game time
Western-themed Picture Booth... with costumes, of course!

Getting creative with glow sticks!

Aunt Sue rented this humongous water slide, and it was put to great use! Tom had the best "splash output" of anyone!

Daniel comes out the slide, armed and ready to go!