August 24, 2011

Fair Time & Feeling Crafty!

Last Friday, we visited the Davis County Fair. We pretty much tried all the food there- Navajo Tacos, Corn Dogs, Pulled Pork Sandwich (only one that wasn't worth it), Ribbon Fries, Fresh Donuts, Funnel Cake, and Fresh Limeade. Wow, that was a good day! I had to go work out for quite awhile to burn all that off, but it was worth it.

This photo is super blurry and dark... mostly because I took this picture with my phone. Oops!
And lately, I have been feeling pretty crafty. Two really good friends had baby showers close to each other, so I was ambitious and decided to make their presents. After a lot of internet research, I decided to make them baby bibs, a pacifier pocket, and a diaper strap. What are the last two, you might ask? Well, I have attached some pictures and also the links to the tutorials so you can make them if you would like! In one of the gifts, I also included some "Tin Can Treats".

Here are the baby bibs from the first set of presents. She is having a girl!
Button details from the boy baby bibs
Pacifier Pocket, Diaper Strap, and Baby Bibs
Tin Can Treats (Check out how HERE)
I've also been making a load of bracelets. I can't ever decide on the colors I want, so I just keep making more! It might be a disease... maybe it's called Braceletitis? Coloraphobia? Indecisionicia? The verdict is still out on the name, but in the meantime... I'm going to make some more bracelets. :)

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