August 29, 2011

Great Times With Family

This weekend was so great! We drove up to Logan on Friday night and ate a great dinner at Fredrico's Pizza. Seriously, their garlic bread is goood. Every. Single. Time! It also helps that Fredrico's is where Neil and I met, so there are lots of fond memories of the place. I attempted to get to bed early, because I was running the Top of Utah Half Marathon the next morning. (Separate post on that later!) Saturday night, we met up with Neil's siblings at Firehouse Pizza in Providence. We all laughed a lot, were generally too loud, and ate a ton of good pizza! After dinner, Joann had to take her kiddos to bed, but the rest of us went bowling. Even though we had to change lanes once, it was a successful time. I even broke out of the 50's! (Ha- I am a terrible bowler.) Sunday morning, we were able to go to church and listen to Tom's farewell talk before his mission. He leaves on Wednesday, and we couldn't be more excited for him! His talk was great, and so was Becky's (she was asked to speak as well). The chapel was absolutely packed with his family and friends, it was great to see. Afterward, we had a yummy dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Sorenson's. I don't know how we fed all the people who came, but we managed it! I really enjoyed this weekend, and I know Neil did too.

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