August 19, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday this year was the BEST. I loved everything about it! I've always loved having my birthday in July because the weather is almost always hot and sunny, I never had school, and since my birthday is at the end of July, it's around a state holiday. Even though I am on the upwards climb towards 30 now, I've decided to stay positive about my age. There is nothing I can about how old I am, so I instead choose to embrace it. I've had 26 years of experience, and I am looking forward to my 27th year of learning!

So this year, Neil decided to celebrate my birthday all week long by giving me an envelope every day with a present inside. It was like the 12 Days of Christmas, but much cooler! He had a different coupon/gift printed in each envelope, and it just made my day! I'm pretty much the luckiest girl ever. :)

On my actual birthday, I had the day off from work, so I slept in (there is truly nothing better), then did a little birthday shopping when the mall opened. After shopping, I picked Neil up from work and we went to Kneader's in Bountiful for lunch. I just love their Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich, I could probably eat every week and not get tired of it! After lunch, Neil went back to work, while my sister-in-law Carly and I hit up the pool in her neighborhood. The weather was deliciously warm, and there was even some public drama at the pool to entertain us, ha ha. When we were finally tired of the sun, we cleaned up and drove to the Gateway to watch the final Harry Potter movie. The movie was great (of course) and then we met back up with our husbands and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Our waiter even brought me out some birthday ice cream with a candle and they sang to me! It was a fantastic day, I loved every minute of it!

My mom came down on Tuesday for a birthday dinner. I love Gabor Brothers!
Neil is contemplating his HUGE calzone at Gabor Bros. Seriously, it's the size of a football!
Love him!
Mom, about to dig into that monster plate of Chicken Alfredo.

At Cheescake Factory

Dave & Carly

Tomato Basil Pasta from Cheesecake Factory. Yummo!

Fireworks at the RSL game on Saturday

RSL vs. San Jose Earthquakes
My birthday coupons!

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