August 19, 2011

TomTom Experiences Tucano's

So at the end of July, we (Neil, me, my mom, and Tom) were all going to a RSL game. Of course, we have to go to a good restaurant before the game, and when we found out that Tom had never experienced Tucano's before, it was a pretty easy choice! Tucano's is very similar to Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake, and the jury still seems to be out as to which one is better. I personally like Tucano's because I feel like it is just as good, with a little cheaper price tag. Anyway, it serves Brazilian-style food. There is a large salad buffet with lots of different choices of food (think sushi to mashed potatoes to salads to Brazilian cheese rolls) and then there are meat servers that walk around serving you delicious meat, along with grilled pineapple. I love this place (especially the grilled pineapple) and it definitely put Neil and Tom into food comas by the time they were done!

The RSL game was pretty good too... even though we lost. Still worth it!

Tom, entering into full coma mode

Neil is really feeling it here
At the game
Tom made a friend at the Gateway

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