August 29, 2011

TOU Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran the TOU Half Marathon! I love this race because it is a really fast course, and the finish line is about 5 minutes from my mom's house, so I don't have to worry about parking. My time this year was a lot slower than last years, and it hurt a lot more, but I think I enjoyed it a little bit more. A couple of random things I remember about this race: there was a skunk at the start line that scared everyone because we were sure he was going to spray us; there was a random kitten on the side of the road at one point of the race who just stood there, wanting to be petted by everyone running by; and apparently there was a midget who ran faster than me, even though her legs were half the size of mine (that's a direct quote from Neil, ha ha!).

Just after Mile 9

After the race, and a couple of cups of Gatorade!

I really liked the medal and shirts this year!

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