September 1, 2011

Neil's Melted Ring

This morning, I woke up as usual and got in my car to go to work. The engine just wouldn't turn on, and it was making a loud angry noise at me. I called Neil down to look at it, and we tried to jump the battery, which didn't work! I was able to call into work, and Neil decided to take the battery over to the Auto Zone across the street. Turns out our battery was totally dead, so we just bought a new one. Unfortunately, when Neil was putting the new one in, he was using a metal wrench to tighten down the positive terminal. His wedding ring accidentally made contact with the negative terminal. It sparked and shot his hand back, and the ring was crazy-hot and partially melted! He burned the skin off on his ring finger, but I'm the most sad about the fact that his wedding ring is melted. We are going to hopefully see if we can fix it, but we might need to buy him a new one. :( At least he is ok and my car is working again!

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